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Borrowdale Country


Welcome to the Borrowdale Country Club website! The club offers an exceptional blend of luxury, leisure, and community. We’re delighted to have you. Discover all that we have to offer and experience the unmatched elegance and hospitality of Borrowdale Country Club. Welcome!

Come for the Delicious Meals

The Borrowdale country clube offers a robust and wide range of cuisines that are sure to appease everyones appetite. This includes Simply Scrumptious Sushi to our ever simple yet delicious Bacon and Egg Rolls.

Our sunday roast is simply to die for be sure to check it out.

Delicious Roast Pork

Sushi @ the BCC

Bacon and Egg Rolls

Our Facilities!

BCC Prides itself in having some of the best Facilities in Zimbabwe

Whether you like to Play Tennis, Bowls or Ride Horses with a wider range of Activities there, we have it! Be sure to check out new and exciting activities that we are adding regularly. Coming Soon Padel!!

We are always looking for new Members!!

The Borrowdale Country Club offers a membership program that provides members with exclusive benefits, including discounts and special offers.

Members also form a committee dedicated to serving the club and guiding its future direction.

The club holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where important matters are discussed and voted upon.

Be sure to ask for membership forms and apply today!

“Unlock exclusive perks and be a part of shaping our future—join the Borrowdale Country Club today and experience the true essence of community and privilege!”

What We’re All About

Round the clock events!

The Club regularly hosts events and parties. If you want to enquire about booking an event be sure to check 0ut our events page.

Community Engagement 

The Club Prides itself in being a center for community and Friendship, All are Welcome!

Activities for All

We have a wide range of things to do, Including all new Padel Courts, Tennis Facilities, Polocrosse and Showjumping. Not to Exclude our Wonderful Bowls Section.

Continual Updates!

Check Back Regularly as the BCC does a monthly Newsletter that updates everyone on what’s happening with the club! Events, Parties, Menus. You name it we will keep you in the Loop!

Stay Connected

Want to be kept in the loop? Enter your Email and we will inform you of anything new!

Borrowdale Country Club Details

Here are our Contact details and More important Information!

Contact Details

0782635742 – Club Manager

Carrick Creagh Road Harare, Zimbabwe

Sunday Lunch








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